Social Media Took Me To Cannes

Social Media Took Me To Cannes …. well, sort of!


(Thought my bad photoshop job would make some of you laugh)….moving on….

For some of us marketers that were not able to attend the Cannes Lions Festival this year, we were given the opportunity to virtually be there through technology. I am able to be apart of the conversation without actually being there.

As someone who follows the world of creativity and marketing closely, I have had a lot of discussions pop up on my Twitter and Instagram feed. Thanks to Periscope and twitter, I got to listen to some epic conversations and discussions from genius’ in my field. I will be going into further detail of some of my favorite panels posted on social media.

TwitterMarketing posted an important conversation about Diversity with great marketing minds that have resumes linking to Beats by Dre, Coca Cola, NY Times, Twitter, etc. This goes to show the extent of the brilliant minds discussing one of the most controversial topics we are currently faced with; Diversity.

This panel went on to discuss the importance of big corporations and the role they play with diversity. I thought this was an important aspect of the discussion. Corporations are better off with having diversity in their company. The best way to bring about new ideas is to brainstorm with people who have different experiences and upbringings. The collaboration between people who have diverse backgrounds ultimately brings forth a bigger picture than being from people with similar backgrounds. As a company, you are trying to reach as many people as you possibly can; Having people contribute to your company with different backgrounds simply increases your earning potential and brand awareness. Personally, I think what triggers people most when it comes to ads and posts is being able to relate. Cultural intelligence can change your company. Having a diverse set of employees and outlook can really increase earning potential and the potential to tap into peoples real experiences which will make them loyal to your brand. This discussion went on to further discuss the issues with race and gender, not only in the united states but globally and what that means for marketing and advertising. The panelists also spoke on their own personal issues when it comes to being a diverse individual in a white male dominant industry. You can view the full periscope discussion here: Diversity Panel @twittermktg

You can also view more live sessions from Cannes at: Cannes_Lions


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