Best Methods of Programmatic Display Buying

WARNING:  I am by no means a communications major and english is technically my second language so you will be enjoying: run on sentences  (they’re worth it I promise), misplaced commas, terrible spelling and so on and so forth!

Best Methods of Programmatic Display Buying:

If you’re on my blog, you must be wondering how all of this relates. For starters, I am a digital marketing student at the University of Michigan- Dearborn. I am a lover of all things art related, especially that of fashion. Again, you may be wondering, ok so? Here is the thing, if you want to have a career in the fashion marketing field like me, you’ll need to know what programmatic display buying is and the best methods of doing so.

So what is Programmatic Display Buying and how does it relate to my fashion marketing field?


Best methods of programmatic display buying

Programmatic Display buying is basically the future of how all online advertising will be done. To put it simply, it is any ad space that is purchased on a website. This can be done either by: directly buying a guaranteed space or by bidding for a certain space.

Bidding for space: Also known to marketers as Programmatic RTB. This is while a website is loading, there is an advertising space available for real time bidding. This information is then passed on to a platform that allows users to bid for this space.  The ad that wins the bid, then loads on that website! Pricing for each impression (or each person of value that views it) is determined by the demand of the ad space and what marketers are willing to pay.

Direct buying: Buying a ad space that is guaranteed to be yours with the target market that you are searching for.

Best methods of programmatic display buying

Ok, back to what really matters: FASHION!

We all know social media has taken over the fashion world COMPLETELY!! I mean would the Kendall Jenners and Gigi Hadids of the world be as successful in this industry without this newfound love of social media? Would Gucci have really made such an amazing comeback without social media??? Probably not, if we are being honest!

Lets assume you’re now working for an amazing fashion brand and lets assume you manage the social media aspect of the marketing department. You’re already awesome and I like you! The best thing you can invest in would be programmatic display buying. This platform saves you time, money and lots of effort, allowing you to focus on your creative execution even more so. By using this platform, you now have your budget and goals allocated to the right websites and social media platforms. It easily finds your audience and  displays your content to them! (WOW, that was easy) Using this tool can be extremely helpful because now you have more time thinking of creative ways to display your ads as opposed to doing the boring analytics and research about who you want these ads displayed to exactly. This will put you ahead of those in your industry so long as you do your part: come up with creative ways to display your products. This puts you at a great advantage because its essentially doing the hard part for you.

So, if you’re starting out in marketing and hope to work in fashion, impress your boss by presenting them with this awesome information and why you NEED it to be successful in your industry.

Best methods of programmatic display buying