Google Adwords and Partners

To start, I will be discussing what it takes to become a google partner and what google adwords are and how they work.


What are adwords?

Google adwords is a program run by google for companies wanting to display advertisements on google.

Whenever someone googles something, (lets use black pumps for example), an adword bid starts. Any advertisers that have keywords to match the google search competes for the spot. The ads with the highest ranks will get the top spots on googles front page. You do not need to pay the maximum amount per bid, just the amount right over the highest bidder.


As you can see, when we google “Black Pumps” DSW, Nordstrom and Macy’s are the top three competing for the highest spot. This is done by someone running the adwords campaign through usage of specific keywords. Each campaign you run will target a specidic group of people and searches they are making. Within those campaigns you will select a variety of keywords that will relate and help you take on top spot.

Google offers people the opportunity to become a “google partner”. This basically means that once completing two exams, google will provide you with a certificate. This certificate will showcase that you are somewhat of an expert when it comes to advertising on google. You are first tested on the fundamentals of Adwords. This exam will show that you know enough about the basics and analytical side of google Adwords. Your next exam can be any exam you choose that google has to offer. You can focus on shopping advertising, video advertising, mobile or display advertising as well. Both exams must be passed with an at least 80% in order for you to become a certified google partner.

Having this certification is not only beneficial for your own personal gain but also for companies you are working for. Most companies spend time and money to train you for this exam and going into a job with your own certification benefit you when searching for jobs.

Obviously, there are a lot of other aspects that go into Google Adwords and partnership benefits but this is a general overview that can help any beginner.

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