Great content cannot be simply created, it must be marketed

There are so many things that go into building a website. Great content cannot be simply created, it must be marketed. That’s where this comes in! There are a few key words and strategies I want to point out that help make a website successful and brings the people in. These are most basic of basic things to know about your website…. Im not an expert, obviously, but surely these will help and its better to know something than nothing at all! It might seem long to read but its not that difficult to grasp…

  1. Page Ranks: A page ranks on google based off of a few things. The importance of the page is based on backlinks that other websites link yours to. This means, If USA today were to write an article about “student best practices in digital marketing” and linked my blog post to their article, this would give me more website relevance for google. Remember, quality is greater than quantity because you can be linked back to countless websites that are irrelevant themselves, but being linked back to one that is a page rank 10 page or even lower would be a lot more beneficial to you. Think of for example… Not many of us visit the website unless specifically trying to download the new “flash” but its a page rank 10 page because almost all websites link back to it!
  2. SEO- Search Engine Marketing… As many of you know, this is the process of taking a page built by humans and making it easily consumable for both other humans AND Search engine robots (Google). Its important that you are organic about the way you do SEO. You want to make sure you make your pages for users not search engines!
    1. White hat SEO– Focuses on the actual human audience;
    2. Black hat SEO- aggressive strategies that focus only on search engines and can often be considered spam.
    3. Offsite SEO– Thematically related content with a high reputation. Essentially its websites that link to you that are actually relevant to your website and content.
    4. Onsite SEO- this is any code or data you have on your website. Can be a video, photo, gif, etc.
      • Title Tag: Having keyword inclusion is a good thing!
      • <meta> tags: Its basically a description tag… When you google something and the description thats under the link, this is known as the meta tag. ( example shown below)Student best practices in digital marketing
      • <img> tags: the alt tags help describe the image. Google can’t see the image but it can see what you’ve described the image as. This

            Anatomy of a link:

  1. Ex)  <a href=>student-best-practices-in-digital-marketing</a>
  2. The <a and the </a> is the anchor start and closing of a link tag
  3. href= is the actual link referral location
  4. student-best-practices-in-digital-marketing is the visible anchor text of the link.


Although these are only a few things that can be done, its a good start for many beginners who may be unfamiliar with how everything works!

I will be posting more soon! Comment if you have any questions/corrections!


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