What Are Collaborative Brand Attacks?

You may have heard of the term ‘Collaborative Brand Attacks’ (also known as CBA)

What exactly is it?

A CBA is a term used to describe a group of people (consumers) who take a (usually negative) stance against a brand/ organization and attack them usually via social media or the internet in most cases. The group of people can be past or present consumers or just people who don’t agree with a brand’s organizational behavior, vision, or what the brand stands for.

Recent collaborative brand attack examples would be the pepsi commercial that was released starring Kendall Jenner. The company faced backlash from many people due to the fact that they were making light of a serious political situation. Another recent CBA was the United Airlines incident where they dragged  a passenger off of their flight due to their own fault of overbooking the flight and needing the extra room for employees.Pepsi Collaborative Brand Attack

There are specific ‘Triggers’ when it comes to a CBA. Triggers are basically the reasons as to why a company has a CBA issue at hand. 

Trigger type 1: Unethical Behavior of an organization. This is caused when the company faces social, ecological, legal or political issues. (Nestlé Palm Oil issue)

Trigger type 2: Problems in core business. This is usually caused when a user has an issue with the company’s products or services or when a company has bad customer service. (United Airlines)

Trigger type 3: Problems with communication. This is caused when a company has unprofessional behavior and intransparency of decisions. (Pepsi)

Amplifiers are actions the company takes to react to a CBA that can actually do worse for the company than help them. For example, if a company reacts in a way which the public doesn’t agree then it will make matters worse. There are certain types of amplifiers:

-Lack of fast and appropriate reaction

-Perceived Unfair use Brand’s Power

-Appealing Trigger-related Content to share

-Spreading of CBA Triggers by Influential Organizations

There are however different strategies companies can use to react to a CBA which include the following:

Change of behavior: When your company is aware that they are in the wrong and want to make sure that this doesn’t occur again, use this strategy.

Counter Stating: Tricky strategy because you don’t want people getting offended or feeling attacked or deemed “wrong”.

-Appeasing: When you want to apologize to customers. Perhaps it is best to use this when someone (an employee) of your company has done something that is not within company agreements and they want to apologize for their behavior.

Bumping Content: Use when you don’t want users to have easy access to finding certain content. In this case, Pepsi could have possibly used this strategy while working with another strategy as well.

-Ignoring: might be the  worst of the strategies due to the fact that people want a company to either take responsibility for their actions or have a justified explanation as to why the certain issue has occurred.

-Censoring/Legal steps: Taking legal steps if people are accusing the company of something they did not actually do but would not suggest this at all only in very special cases.




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Social Media Took Me To Cannes

Social Media Took Me To Cannes …. well, sort of!


(Thought my bad photoshop job would make some of you laugh)….moving on….

For some of us marketers that were not able to attend the Cannes Lions Festival this year, we were given the opportunity to virtually be there through technology. I am able to be apart of the conversation without actually being there.

As someone who follows the world of creativity and marketing closely, I have had a lot of discussions pop up on my Twitter and Instagram feed. Thanks to Periscope and twitter, I got to listen to some epic conversations and discussions from genius’ in my field. I will be going into further detail of some of my favorite panels posted on social media.

TwitterMarketing posted an important conversation about Diversity with great marketing minds that have resumes linking to Beats by Dre, Coca Cola, NY Times, Twitter, etc. This goes to show the extent of the brilliant minds discussing one of the most controversial topics we are currently faced with; Diversity.

This panel went on to discuss the importance of big corporations and the role they play with diversity. I thought this was an important aspect of the discussion. Corporations are better off with having diversity in their company. The best way to bring about new ideas is to brainstorm with people who have different experiences and upbringings. The collaboration between people who have diverse backgrounds ultimately brings forth a bigger picture than being from people with similar backgrounds. As a company, you are trying to reach as many people as you possibly can; Having people contribute to your company with different backgrounds simply increases your earning potential and brand awareness. Personally, I think what triggers people most when it comes to ads and posts is being able to relate. Cultural intelligence can change your company. Having a diverse set of employees and outlook can really increase earning potential and the potential to tap into peoples real experiences which will make them loyal to your brand. This discussion went on to further discuss the issues with race and gender, not only in the united states but globally and what that means for marketing and advertising. The panelists also spoke on their own personal issues when it comes to being a diverse individual in a white male dominant industry. You can view the full periscope discussion here: Diversity Panel @twittermktg

You can also view more live sessions from Cannes at: Cannes_Lions


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Where are your athletes Lululemon?


That, is exactly what came to my mind not only yesterday as I stepped into the retail store but every time I make my way past it. I am the first to tell you that I am a fan of their products, yes! I enjoy wearing their $120 “Fast & Free ” pants. In fact, I have them in 4 colorways, and even a few pairs in the same color. There is no doubt that the quality of their apparel is subpar when it comes to working out. Heck, I even wear them on a daily basis when I want to run errands or simply be comfortable.

But I have noticed, its not their product that is lacking diversity and quality but their branding and advertising. Now, I am no genius, surely their ‘unique’ marketing strategy is and was well thought out but maybe just maybe they should take a step in the Nike direction.

Going back to my in store experience, (and need I remind you, this is simply consumer insight from a marketing major) I decided to snapchat my thoughts to a few friends. I noticed the store had about 3, maybe 4, photos hanging up on the wall. One of which was what looked to me as a crossfit trainer, the other was a photo of two buildings (aerial view). As I viewed snapped these photos, my friends got back to me (A few of which were guys who are huge Nike fans). Their responses to me consisted of:

“I’ve never been to Lululemon.”

“Don’t they just sell yoga stuff pretty much?”

“Yah, not many of my friends shop at Lululemon.”

I realized herein lies the problem. Lululemon had branded themselves as simply “Yoga” wear for women. Though, that is precisely what they sell, they have SO much more. My friends and I don’t do yoga, but we sure love to wear Lululemon when we run or train.

Now, this all brings me to  my original thought….WHERE ARE YOUR ATHLETES LULULEMON? As a huge Nike fan, I realize how important athletes endorsing active wear is. I realize that when I purchase a new pair of Nike shoes, I feel like I myself, am an athlete. I feel like I myself can run the distance, shoot the ball, win the tennis match (Even if I can’t).

Athletes endorsing Active wear brands is extremely important. Yes Lululemon wants to target the Yogis but why not also attract the men and women who are sports fans, who are athletes themselves? I am a firm believer that with the right branding, comes the mass consumers. I think it is time for Lululemon to get on board with what has been working best in the industry. The misconception that Lululemon only has products for “women who do yoga” needs to be broken if they want to increase their sales. They are competing with the biggest retail brands in the world (Nike, Adidas, Under Armour) yet they are staying stagnant in their marketing strategies. I have yet to see a Lulu advertisement that drives me, that makes me want to get up, put my running pants on and go for a jog. This is the type of movement they are missing.



With all that being said, I personally believe that Lululemon needs to take athletes under their wing and really step up their game. Simply having Quality “workout” clothes isn’t going to cut it, they need to bring people in, make it an experience!

Where are your athletes lululemonNike website

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Firstly, I want to apologize for my lack of postings, I was extremely busy finishing up my very last semester of undergrad and….Mama I did it!! I finally walked across that stage and got my diploma!! (Well, its in the mail but it will be here shortly). I want to show you all my super cool grad cap…. For those who don’t understand the reference, the artwork is from the Kanye West album “Graduation” (Symbolic, I know) and I personalized it by adding my own name, the M block on the bears sweater, and Digital Marketing where the parental advisory warning should be. Here is a side by side:


tumblr_op8z2qwJVg1qf78qgo1_1280graduation final











So, now that this chapter of my life has been completed….whats next you ask?

Well, If I told you I knew the answer to that, I would be lying. It’s okay that I don’t though. I have decided that this month of May is going to be my break month. Any traveling or relaxing I may have in mind, I will use this month to take advantage of that. I will also be looking into job offers and weighing out my options.

I have been greatly considering going on a mission trip. This has been something I have wanted to do for a while and I might actually have the time to do it now.

As I have stated before, I am actively looking in the Los Angeles area (but also open to other places depending on the offer). I have recently started working with a couple recruiting agencies but have to be out there in order to get something solid going.

Come June/July, I will be looking into making my move out in the Los Angeles area. If you know me, you know that I am certainly not a planner, not because I like chaos but because I think planning will get you a  slap in the face. Ive certainly noticed that each time I try to plan something, life comes at you and changes quickly. Instead, I create timelines and outlines of what I hope will happen and what I should try to accomplish. I know that these goals can certainly change or not be met but its good to have some sort of guidance as to what I want in life.

I will be trying to post at least weekly with topics related to my personal life, such as this post, or marketing topics I read about in the headlines and etc.

Until next time…..


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Why Social Media Presence is Important for Companies

Why social media presence is important for ALL brands and companies: 

As you know, almost all companies and brands, now have social media pages. Why is that? Why is it that all companies, even the ones NOT selling products through social media, have a SM page?

Well the answer is quite simple. Companies want to build a relationship with their customers, employees, suppliers, and whoever is a stakeholder. Social media has been both extremely beneficial and has negatively impacted a lot of brands. This form of media allows a company to use a voice and tone they may have not been able to in traditional media. “Online brand communities represent a network of relationships between consumers and the brand, product, fellow consumers, and the marketer” (McAlexander, Schouten, & Koenig, 2002, p. 39) Unfortunately, with social media a company also gives up certain share of the voice and instead allows their customers and users to take that position.

Lets take a look at the pros and cons of social media for brands and companies:

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allows a company to speak directly to customers. Literally, in the sense that they are able to respond to customers almost immediately. Figuratively as in, they are able to reach a specific target market easier than ever before. Social media allows a company to quickly solve a problem or question a customer might be having. With a simple reply to a post, a company can improve their customer services dramatically. SM has allowed brands to not only reach mass audiences for a cheaper price than traditional media but has allowed companies to get the customer involved. By creating a “movement”, if you will, using specific hashtags on twitter and Instagram, companies can now allow customers to be involved in their story telling. If you take a look at brands like Nike, Guess, Calvin Klein and many others, you will see that they have done this. By creating a social media campaign like “In #MyCalvins ” brands give their customer the opportunity to get involved. Users are eager to feel as though they apart of something bigger than them. They want to feel as though they are involved and social media is the best platform to allow a brand to connect to their customer.

Why it is important for ALL brands and companies to have a social media presence?

Along with all the benefits social media provides, there are also negative aspects of it. As a company, you are giving up share of voice on social media by allowing customers to post their own comments on your page. This can negatively impact your company. So often, there are unhappy customers who will post negative postings and reviews which will be visible to other customers, investors and other stakeholders. It is sort of like airing out your dirty laundry. Take for example Zara, one of the biggest fast fashion retailers in the world. An extreme online social media presence but one tweet and the brand was all over the news due to a woman finding a mouse tail sewn in her dress. These are the things that a company must be on the constant look for and be able to address these issues immediately. By responding to consumers negative comments, it can help companies improve on certain aspects of their company or simply do damage control before something has gotten out of hand. These are the times that a company can take initiative and improve on their company based on what the customer wants from them.

Adweek posted an article on how to deal with negative comments on your brands social media page that can be extremely useful for companies : http://www.adweek.com/digital/how-to-deal-with-negative-facebook-comments/

All in all, social media is a benefit for all companies, be it a clothing brand, automotive supplier or nail salon. It allows companies to promote for a cheaper price than traditional, improve on their customer service and target the exact audience they wish to reach.

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New Year, New Projects!

Happy Belated New Year!

Its been a fun holiday break, but I am finally back and ready to take on the new year full throttle. I know I’m about 18 days late but I have been preoccupied with the start of the new semester and work projects. I wanted to talk about my new year plans and what I’m currently learning and reading about. This is more of a personal post with sprinkles of marketing info here and there.

Before I go on to list my full schedule, I wanted to talk about what I’m currently working on during my free time. Since graduation is creeping up on me, I have been searching for jobs constantly! Im looking to go into Entertainment/Music, fashion, sports, new media, or cosmetics industries. I have been looking in cities all across the united states. Im extremely hopeful and motivated I will find something I really love and have a passion for, working for a brand I believe in. I know the job hunting process can be extremely stressful and difficult but with websites like Indeed.com and MediaBistro.com it’s made a lot easier! If anyone is going through the same process and needs any help, I would love to provide any advice I can offer, just comment below!

With that being said, here is what else I’m doing….

Current Book I’m reading: The code of the extraordinary mind by Vishen Lakhiani. Although I have just started reading this book, it has opened my mind in ways nothing else has. I strongly recommend you purchase it as soon as possible! Its a great book for self discovery and realization. It is beautifully written and so eye opening! I can’t wait to continue reading.

The code of the extraordinary mind


Current Classes I’m taking: 

  • Digital Analytics & Content Marketing– So far, I’m obsessed with this class. It is my last and only marketing class this semester. It focuses on social media marketing (Selling and promoting products and brands via social media platforms), SEO, content marketing and many related topics. I will be working on a lot of projects during this semester in this class which I will be posting and sharing on here in the near future.
  • Managerial Communications- this class allows you to learn the best methods of communicating in a business environment and within an organization.
  • Corporate responsibility- Responsibility that a corporation (or any business really) has towards its stakeholders. What is ethical and what is the best way to maximize stakeholder value.
  • Business policy & strategy- What determines the success of certain corporations and the failure of others? Learning what can be done about a companies problems and strategizing the best options for a companies success.
  • Managerial Economics & Business strategy: Discusses price theory with business applications, Market structures and pricing strategies.

Where I am currently working at: Since I have five classes, as opposed to six this semester, I have decided to return to my freelance position as a website content manager for a local jeweler. Using a CMS, I created her business website and managed it this past summer. With the extra free time I have now, I decided there are many improvements to be done and have taken on this role once again. I will be working on JanLevinRedesigned.com as well as another Ecommerce site for her jewelry line. I will be posting updates throughout my blog.


On top of all the above, I am trying to get to the gym at least 5 times a week, (Pray for me) as well as update this blog once a week. I will be posting responses to questions I get via tumblr, Instagram and twitter on here about marketing, beauty, fashion and other related topics. Thank you for listening!

Hoping everyone’s new year is off to a great start!

Until Next Time….



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Google Adwords and Partners

To start, I will be discussing what it takes to become a google partner and what google adwords are and how they work.


What are adwords?

Google adwords is a program run by google for companies wanting to display advertisements on google.

Whenever someone googles something, (lets use black pumps for example), an adword bid starts. Any advertisers that have keywords to match the google search competes for the spot. The ads with the highest ranks will get the top spots on googles front page. You do not need to pay the maximum amount per bid, just the amount right over the highest bidder.


As you can see, when we google “Black Pumps” DSW, Nordstrom and Macy’s are the top three competing for the highest spot. This is done by someone running the adwords campaign through usage of specific keywords. Each campaign you run will target a specidic group of people and searches they are making. Within those campaigns you will select a variety of keywords that will relate and help you take on top spot.

Google offers people the opportunity to become a “google partner”. This basically means that once completing two exams, google will provide you with a certificate. This certificate will showcase that you are somewhat of an expert when it comes to advertising on google. You are first tested on the fundamentals of Adwords. This exam will show that you know enough about the basics and analytical side of google Adwords. Your next exam can be any exam you choose that google has to offer. You can focus on shopping advertising, video advertising, mobile or display advertising as well. Both exams must be passed with an at least 80% in order for you to become a certified google partner.

Having this certification is not only beneficial for your own personal gain but also for companies you are working for. Most companies spend time and money to train you for this exam and going into a job with your own certification benefit you when searching for jobs.

Obviously, there are a lot of other aspects that go into Google Adwords and partnership benefits but this is a general overview that can help any beginner.

If you have any questions, comments or corrections, feel free to comment!

Thank you!

Until Next Time…..




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Great content cannot be simply created, it must be marketed

There are so many things that go into building a website. Great content cannot be simply created, it must be marketed. That’s where this comes in! There are a few key words and strategies I want to point out that help make a website successful and brings the people in. These are most basic of basic things to know about your website…. Im not an expert, obviously, but surely these will help and its better to know something than nothing at all! It might seem long to read but its not that difficult to grasp…

  1. Page Ranks: A page ranks on google based off of a few things. The importance of the page is based on backlinks that other websites link yours to. This means, If USA today were to write an article about “student best practices in digital marketing” and linked my blog post to their article, this would give me more website relevance for google. Remember, quality is greater than quantity because you can be linked back to countless websites that are irrelevant themselves, but being linked back to one that is a page rank 10 page or even lower would be a lot more beneficial to you. Think of Adobe.com for example… Not many of us visit the website unless specifically trying to download the new “flash” but its a page rank 10 page because almost all websites link back to it!
  2. SEO- Search Engine Marketing… As many of you know, this is the process of taking a page built by humans and making it easily consumable for both other humans AND Search engine robots (Google). Its important that you are organic about the way you do SEO. You want to make sure you make your pages for users not search engines!
    1. White hat SEO– Focuses on the actual human audience;
    2. Black hat SEO- aggressive strategies that focus only on search engines and can often be considered spam.
    3. Offsite SEO– Thematically related content with a high reputation. Essentially its websites that link to you that are actually relevant to your website and content.
    4. Onsite SEO- this is any code or data you have on your website. Can be a video, photo, gif, etc.
      • Title Tag: Having keyword inclusion is a good thing!
      • <meta> tags: Its basically a description tag… When you google something and the description thats under the link, this is known as the meta tag. ( example shown below)Student best practices in digital marketing
      • <img> tags: the alt tags help describe the image. Google can’t see the image but it can see what you’ve described the image as. This

            Anatomy of a link:

  1. Ex)  <a href=http://www.jehonadreshaj.net>student-best-practices-in-digital-marketing</a>
  2. The <a and the </a> is the anchor start and closing of a link tag
  3. href=http://www.jehonadreshaj.net is the actual link referral location
  4. student-best-practices-in-digital-marketing is the visible anchor text of the link.


Although these are only a few things that can be done, its a good start for many beginners who may be unfamiliar with how everything works!

I will be posting more soon! Comment if you have any questions/corrections!


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Student Best Practices in Digital Marketing

Student Best Practices in Digital Marketing:

Firstly, I will tell you how I was introduced to the world of marketing and how I decided to major in it….


Back in 2011, I decided to open up my first “website”, if you will. Technically, it was a tumblr account but I had my own URL and posts, so it felt like a website at the time. I was able to use this site to express my interests, wants, and  photography. I became slightly addicted. fast forward to today, October 2016, my Tumblr blog has gained thousands and thousands of followers and gained the attention of several celebrities including but not limited to social media queen, Kylie Jenner.


I became good at social media. (Is that a thing? like, aren’t all millennials good at social media?) I gained followers throughout all social media platforms. Well, I learned about marketing in that way. To simply put it, I learned what people wanted most. I learned how to market myself best.

Student Best Practices in Digital Marketing         Student Best Practices in Digital Marketing

Student Best Practices in Digital Marketing


Why I decided to major in marketing is simple. I learned to market myself and my blog and I realized I had a vision for it. Every time I stepped into a store, I was focused on the packaging and the advertising aspect. I was insanely inspired by how an image can influence someones purchase decisions, including my own. Athletes endorsing Nike, Supermodels in Victoria’s Secret campaigns, Gorgeous Bombshells in Guess ads. I loved ALL of it! I was intrigued by how store layouts, images and colors allured shoppers.

I have a creative mind but also an analytical one, so marketing was an easy major to choose. A lot of students in college decide on a major based on salary, or what their parents want them to do. Me, I picked something that I was not only good at, but really enjoyed.


The best thing I have ever done is not only take initiative in creating my own online space and social media accounts but completing an internship with an all time favorite company of mine and following these simple steps…

If theres any advice I can offer is:

  1. Network– Always compose yourself in a professional and business-like manor. Be friendly, you never ever know who you could meet and what they can teach you. If you’re not as outgoing as I may be, learn to simply start a conversation and don’t be nervous. If you’re speaking to someone about something you both have a passion in, conversation should flow easily.
  2. Set Goals- Don’t be afraid to set a goal you’re afraid of. By that, I mean think of what you want to achieve in your professional career, what it may take to get there and start trying to achieve it. Set short term goals like learning how to better your online presence, learning photoshop, etc. Set long term goals such as working at a company you really love and are inspired by. These goals will not only keep you on track but will help you realize what you truly want to accomplish and how you will go about doing so.
  3. Do Research- We live in the age of the internet, the world is literally at our fingertips, utilize it! I’ve probably learned way more about my major or my industry by doing my own research than I have learned in my classes. Research about your favorite companies, who works there, how they are doing financially, etc. Find out why companies function the way they do, why certain ones are more successful than others. This will help you stay ahead of the competition.
  4. Learn technical skills: Because classes like learning photoshop are expensive and not always required for your major, you should take it upon to learn how to use this tool. Photoshop is a widely used software and can be extremely beneficial to you when applying for jobs. If that is too artsy for you, learn how to code! There are plenty of free websites that can help you learn basic principals of coding. (Codeacademy.com). These technical tools not only useful for your own blogs and websites but put you above most of your competition.
  5. Have fun with it- Although it is last on my list, it is also my favorite. If you are choosing this major because you think it will make you money, if you had nothing else to choose, you won’t be successful. You need to LOVE what you do and everything else will follow. Create blogs about your interest (this will defiantly help you in the digital marketing field), connect with others who are also majoring in Digital Marketing, start a club; whatever it is, have fun with it!


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Best methods of programmatic display buying

WARNING:  I am by no means a communications major and english is technically my second language so you will be enjoying: run on sentences  (they’re worth it I promise), misplaced commas, terrible spelling and so on and so forth!

Best Methods of Programmatic Display Buying:

If you’re on my blog, you must be wondering how all of this relates. For starters, I am a digital marketing student at the University of Michigan- Dearborn. I am a lover of all things art related, especially that of fashion. Again, you may be wondering, ok so? Here is the thing, if you want to have a career in the fashion marketing field like me, you’ll need to know what programmatic display buying is and the best methods of doing so.

So what is Programmatic Display Buying and how does it relate to my fashion marketing field?

Best methods of programmatic display buying

Programmatic Display buying is basically the future of how all online advertising will be done. To put it simply, it is any ad space that is purchased on a website. This can be done either by: directly buying a guaranteed space or by bidding for a certain space.

Bidding for space: Also known to marketers as Programmatic RTB. This is while a website is loading, there is an advertising space available for real time bidding. This information is then passed on to a platform that allows users to bid for this space.  The ad that wins the bid, then loads on that website! Pricing for each impression (or each person of value that views it) is determined by the demand of the ad space and what marketers are willing to pay.

Direct buying: Buying a ad space that is guaranteed to be yours with the target market that you are searching for.

Best methods of programmatic display buying


Ok, back to what really matters: FASHION!

We all know social media has taken over the fashion world COMPLETELY!! I mean would the Kendall Jenners and Gigi Hadids of the world be as successful in this industry without this newfound love of social media? Would Gucci have really made such an amazing comeback without social media??? Probably not, if we are being honest!

Lets assume you’re now working for an amazing fashion brand and lets assume you manage the social media aspect of the marketing department. You’re already awesome and I like you! The best thing you can invest in would be programmatic display buying. This platform saves you time, money and lots of effort, allowing you to focus on your creative execution even more so. By using this platform, you now have your budget and goals allocated to the right websites and social media platforms. It easily finds your audience and  displays your content to them! (WOW, that was easy) Using this tool can be extremely helpful because now you have more time thinking of creative ways to display your ads as opposed to doing the boring analytics and research about who you want these ads displayed to exactly. This will put you ahead of those in your industry so long as you do your part: come up with creative ways to display your products. This puts you at a great advantage because its essentially doing the hard part for you.

So, if you’re starting out in marketing and hope to work in fashion, impress your boss by presenting them with this awesome information and why you NEED it to be successful in your industry.

Best methods of programmatic display buying

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